Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Business Has a New Guitar Player.

I must be living under a rock or something, but the world's most righteous Tight Bros have a new arrow in their quiver. The axe-weilder's mortal name is Scott Martin and he hails from the land of boob implants and child star suicides. That's Los Angeles for the laymen. Scott played in bands like Crom and 400 Blows amongst other savage acts. I witnessed his cold-forged craftsmanship last night at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, and I can attest to his wizardry. Dude shreds hecka heavy. He adds some sonic noodling to the wall of sound Jared and Coady invented way back when. Not sure what's up with former axe-handler Toshi Kasai, but the rumors suggest he has prior recording obligations (unleashing hordes).

Images courtesy of Samuraiphotog.

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