Friday, September 21, 2012

Merle Haggard.

I was lucky enough to see Merle Haggard last Sunday at San Francisco's intimate Regency Ballroom. The show was spectacular, and old Merle wiped the floor with Willie Nelson, who I had seen the weekend before in San Raphael.

Despite some health issues, and tour date cancellations, old Merle is on top of his game. His band The Strangers are outstanding, as is his son Benion on lead guitar.

Gotta see these old dusty farts before they kick the bucket. Next one on my list is Kris Kristofferson.

Today I Stared Loving You Again. Hee Haw appearance.

Ramblin' Fever. 1977.


Anonymous said...

Love that set in the first video. Great palette and props.

I don't know much about Merle, but he sure seems authentic.

As of lately (past 5 years or so), love the old country western stars. Seem so honest, so pure. Brings you back to simpler time when a railroad track was the only muse necessary.

-The Uncs.

Brownhmnt said...

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