Friday, October 12, 2012

Eddie Munster for VP.

'Nuff said. Fuck this little goober. Dude reminds of every young republican twat that I've encountered in my life rolled up into one navy suit wearing robo-human. This is the kind of dink that smells the toilet paper after he takes a shit. This guy carries the Kobe Bryant gene of smugness. I don't care if he started hitting the gym after repeated covered wagon snuggies. You are an obnoxious little rat bastard without a modicum of humility or shame. Take one of your golf clubs and stick it up your pasty, khaki adorned, entitled ass.

Thanks to Catherine Ray for the photoshop mash-up. I can't work 'puters.

*Editor's Note: I thought I was the first to come up with this comparison. Apparently thousands of nerds have already thought of this shit. Sorry Internet.

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