Friday, October 5, 2012

More Human Than Human.

A shattered clavicle and surgery to insert a metal plate and seven screws to fuse a bone that has splintered in 5 different pieces is apparently no big deal for this bionic beast. After a routine check-up comprising of x-rays and the removal of sutures, my esteemed Doctor stated these things about my recovery:

"You have an amazing threshold for pain."

"It's remarkable, you heal much faster than normal people."

These comments came one week after she stated this:

"Your broad shoulders and superior muscle mass will help with the recovery."

Now, I'm not suggesting I'm some super omnipotent alien life form or anything, but it's hard to argue with a doctor. She's a trained professional.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys going to bone? Sounds like the buildup of a Brown Dog/Harrison story. Care to share with your viewers the reason for this? They're going to assume it was a motorcycle accident otherwise.

Casey Brewer said...

It was a motorcycle accident, although not an interesting one in the least. I dumped the bike in my parking garage.

Anonymous said...

Dude! ONe available arm to swill some swill!

Ah, man take care of yourself. Mend up quickly.

-The Uncs.

Cool pic by the way.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is one ugly shoulder, period. My dealer used to be a big deal in the motocross world. He'd catch air the likes of which would make your nuts tingle, just watching it. He's got compression injuries galore. Metal plates too numerous to list, and he's only 26. Every finger has been broke multiple times. His injury frequency has gone way down since he stopped catching 50 foot airs though.

Look at it this way, you're pre-disastered now. More important, how is Brewcifer?