Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Send Mitt Shit.

Always on the lookout for new and innovative products, pal Gabe Gathman informed me of his uncle's little business on Etsy. Romney/GOP poop mitts. Just follow your dog around and when he takes a dump, package the steamers in this bag, affix the Republican National Committee address with postage, and send your shit right to Mitt. Simple. Smart.

From the source:

Give the same old, stale turds in Washington a piece of your mind, or at least a piece from your dog's behind. Feel the rush of catharsis by sticking their noses into the crap for once! Bags are opaque white with red and blue printing. 9 by 14. Bags come with adhesive mailing labels. Also great for car trash, air sickness, political puppet theater, etc. Bags sold in 3's for $3.50 Mix and match with Obama bag is ok, as long as bags are sold in three's. Literally a collector item.

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