Wednesday, February 6, 2013


As you grow older, you slowly come to the realization that Van Halen is a terrible band. Their music is corny, the production has no bottom end. Even David Lee Roth, while miles better than Sammy Hagar, might as well be a busker selling dick puppets at The Pike Place Market. 

As you mature you realize that being a super virtuoso math nerd on guitar isn't really that baddass. The only people that really care about that type of thing are the bedroom noodlers wearing sweat pants festooned with their own fossilized DNA. For instance, If a band covered a Eruption at a gig today, I would think to myself "what a bunch of dinks!"

Eddie Van Halen likely fell into the wormhole of alcoholism because of this sad realization. What's Joe Satriani up to these days?

All that said, Waldo is one of the finest character actors in modern music video film. Geek to sheik, rags to riches, dud to stud, whatever you want to call it. Waldo's story is an inspiration.

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