Friday, March 15, 2013

The Chosen Few Motorcycle Club.

“The 60s was a hell of a time. With the Civil Rights Movement, The Viet Nam War, Flower Power & Free Love. Sex, Drugs, and  Rock & Roll. Also the Crazy World of the Outlaw Bikers…When you talk of the Outlaw Bikers you automatically think of ‘Them Crazy White Boys’ doing what a lot of folk wish they could do. Live Life Like You Want & Fuck You And Your Rules. Well Guess What? There was some crazy Black bikers who felt the same way, and didn’t give a Fuck. Thus was born the Black Outlaw Bikers!” - The Chosen Few

The soon to be released Chosen Few documentary, "Take None Give None" looks amazing. Young lords of the Superbeast code of baddassery.

And denim vests!

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