Monday, April 22, 2013

Thanks, dicks.

The detritus left in Golden Gate Park after the 4/20 celebration. In the news media today, I've heard the participants described as "hippies." This is not the case.

The sub-humanoids that turned the park into the bowels of hell were more like Juggalos. A mix of crust punk, squatter, wannabe gangster, trailer trash, and dirt mustache rolled into one Kid Rock butt crack of human existence. There's a big difference.

The clean-up effort cost the city 10k, and volunteers picked up the mess. 

*One clarification. I did not attend the "420 Fest" or whatever the fuck these human stains were calling this thing. I was in another part of the park entirely. I did however have to walk through the macabre to get there. I cannot unsee what I saw. Miles of soupy side boob, unintelligible slang and unkempt facial hair. That was just the ladies in attendance. The gross dudes that meandered through the grounds were nothing short of zombies. Super gross zombies.

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