Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tell It Like It Is.

In the midst of typical Superbeast sarcasm, crassness, indignity, self loathing, and downright snarky behavior, Barack Obama just managed to craft an incredibly thought provoking and inspiring speech. Right under our noses.

I love this dude.


R. Falch said...

I'm not sure how you could not love this man.

Too bad there ain't no votin' in China.

lee said...

at every turn, he's said fuck you to the political bullshit and acted like an adult. a real, live person. i love him too.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

My question is, does he memorize these speeches? Or is this straight from the hip?

Siciliano said...

How's that Kool-Aid, boys? Delicious? Must be, because you're drinking it by the gallon.

Casey Brewer said...

At least he won't have to reneg on prior agreements or outright cheat to win this thing. You know, because he has ethics.

I honestly don't know how someone who could have actually listened to this speech would think it's not sincere or just spin. But desperation breeds desperate people I guess.

Bill had his shot.

Siciliano said...

Wasn't the speech. The speech was beautiful. His speeches always are, that's his thing. He's a great talker.

It's the timing. He gave that speech because he had to - because he was in trouble. I know, I know - he addressed that in his speech, that people like me would complain about the timing. Again, he's brilliant with the speeches.

I'm not in love with Hillary. I will admit to really, really liking Bill and the years he was in office.

This is an honest question: Doesn't it freak you guys out - the degree of love and worship this politician is getting? Am I just too cynical? It's like he's the political version of Radiohead or Arcade Fire. And isn't that dangerous in itself, even if he is the real thing?

R. Falch said...

I don't think Radiohead or Arcade Fire are all that dangerous.

Casey Brewer said...

Jason - I just think you're witnessing a lot of genuine excitement for a candidate. That hasn't happened in politics for a long, long time.

If his words were as hollow as his detractors suggest, there just wouldn't be people that feel so strongly about him. It's not just Group Think. His words and actions ring true for a vast swatch of the American fiber.

I was a big Bill guy too. I took issue with how embedded the Clinton's became with the corporate empire. In some circumstances that is a necessary evil, but I also think we need a whistle blower in this day.

That said, I honestly have not been impressed with Hillary at all.

Siciliano said...

I hear your dogs barkin'. It's nice to see people actually believing in someone. I hope he's the real deal, man. I do.

Thanks for the blog. It's a good one.