Tuesday, March 18, 2008

True Craftsmanship.

Wow. It's been kind of slow around the Ol' Superbeast. I mean if we can't raise a furor over a billboard with Baby Ricky the non-aborted down syndrome baby, then we're not exactly doing our job are we?

Well, how about a Mounted Wildlife Table? Not just any cheap wildlife either. It's a fucking Badger people. A fierce beast born from the white hot burning embers of hell fire.

What better way to start casual conversation over a beer than a Badger in your coffee table? Not only does it bring the room together, but it pretty much insures you've been anointed to the Superbeast Hall of Fame. Not just as an honorary member either. We're talking M fucking VP here.

Only $500.

Nice find by Snazzers.

1 comment:

R. Falch said...

Burk had the great idea of popping off the top and putting a Wisconsin Badgers sweater on the little fellow.

How cute would that be?!

(Badgers are going to the Final Four)