Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cool shit from the street.

It's hard to like hackneyed alt media executions from ad agencies when artists keep coming up with work like this. Here are some recent examples from Wooster. Each piece is conceptual, well-executed, and sparkles with a kind of brilliance that's rare in advertising (I like the leaky water main especially). By the way, the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) on the bridge piece is Thoreau's Walden.


lee said...

Dammit, Burk. Keep that shit up. I don't know where you find this shit, but keep finding it. It's nice to see actual groundbreaking ad-type shit in here from time to time along with half-retarded, potty humor things like "can i smell yo dick?" By the way, can i smell yo dick?

lee said...

Oh...i guess i know where you find this shit, because you always say: " i found this shit on wooster, etc..." but you get my point. Eat me.