Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy Mother Mary of Christ!

Well fuck me sideways. What do we have here? The little spawn of Denny and Debbie, the family that whips shitty's together stays together, don't cha know? Fuck. This little smilin' pip-squeak folicle freak is the winner of the 1st prize in this year's Minnesota Mullet Contest. I'm not kidding.

Who in their right mind would come up with such a mouth breathing, Walmart soda swigging, skidmark washing celebration? Well none other than Hockey Mom's Magazine of course.

Mullets are a family tradition for the A_______ — Brady's older brother Blake won the same award in 2005. Their father S____ A_____ also had a mullet as a child.

Just fire up the Zamboni now, because these bastards ain't done breedin'.

And before this kid grows up all confused by his whack ass haircut that his Momsquatch gave him, I offer this little tidbit of advice. Keep your stick on the ice little buddy, and get the fuck out of whatever hovel you're living in as soon as you hit boner age.

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Eric said...

That was me when I was little! Except with a BC jersey of course.

Casey Brewer said...

Jesus Eric, you were probably one fucked up little kid. It explains a lot.

Kidding. How are ya buddy?

theryanburk said...

Is that young boy's mullet crimped? Well, no wonder he won.

Jake Lancaster said...

Oh, fuckin' christ. This little rugrat has a lifetime of Busch Light, Dorals, and sex with babysitters to look forward to. I envy him.

Anonymous said...

casey brother,

i thought you were rockn' a mullet in junior high.

admit it! it's ok...

-the uncs:)

Casey Brewer said...

Oh yeah, I had a mullet. I also wore the same black Led Zeppelin shirt for 6 years and beer bonged a 40 0z of Mickey's in 4 seconds once.