Sunday, August 10, 2008

Square Lake Film and Music Festival: Sweet River Makes the News.

Our very own "Sweet River" Paul Creager is featured in this Star Tribune piece regarding his 7th annual Square Lake Film and Music Festival. Superbeast has been involved in this festival for years in various capacities, and this year with the help of Justin Martinez and Steve Tenebrini we created the poster.

I'll be posting reminders for the festival all week here and over on Facebook.

For the past six years, Paul Creager has staged a film and music festival on his hobby farm north of Stillwater on Square Lake, but it's unlikely that the bucolic bash has ever captured the prevailing zeitgeist quite so vividly as it will this year.

The confluence of bicycle culture in the Twin Cities; the green movement gone gangbusters; the Gopher State's never-say-die spirit of independent music and film -- all will intersect in one groovy grass-roots moment Saturday.

"I desire creating meaningful connections with people," said Creager, a 32-year-old drummer, documentary filmmaker, husband and, as of last month, father. "And I think many other people who devote their energies to the festival desire the same thing, and that comes from how our country has changed over the past seven, eight years. It's been a tough stretch.

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