Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where legends are born.

Old dusty nuts Jake Mancaster and I had a real buddy night with bikes and beers on Saturday. We ended up at the Vegas Lounge, one of the few remaining dive bars in Northeast Minneapolis that remains really crusty until about 10 pm.

We drank Miller High Life in a bottle and ogled the two patrons with down syndrome. We debated who at the bar was the least likely to slit your throat with a broken beer glass. We mused about how the youngish, borderline not-ugly woman working the pull-tab counter could have possibly ended up in this bar, working a Saturday night. We figured it likely had something to do with late child support payments, and a closet meth habit.

After a couple of hours of watching some incredibly bad kareoke, I started to get the bug. I rocked an unbelievable version of Van Halen's "Runnin' With The Devil", and a blistering rendition of Loverboy's "Everybody's Working For the Weekend".

In the midst of losing myself in the spiraling architecture that is a Loverboy air guitar solo, two 300 lb women approached me and began groping me in front of a packed house. That's when you know you've arrived.

As I write this, Jake is asleep on my living room floor, it is now 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. Well done boys.


Anonymous said...


Casey Brewer said...

Yep, every once in a while I like to come down from my 24 karat mountain and mingle with the peasants. You know, to see how the other half lives.

fun_guy said...

im so fucking rich

Jake Lancaster said...

I think those larger broads slipped me a mickey or two.

R. Falch said...

i am completely disgusted by poor people.

Greg and Sarah Strong said...
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Greg and Sarah Strong said...

Nice work, friend.
I can picture the scene.
Two three-hundred pounders at once, eh?
Obviously the girl who called you an elitist has never seen you. Or smelled you.
If you want to see an elitist, look at my picture.
p.s. I took a vacation from the Uptown Kitchen blog this summer, but my latest post was on NYC hot dogs.

Jensqsue said...

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