Friday, November 21, 2008


Another attempt by Droga5 into hoodwinking the consumer public. The viral cool factor is still there, but how many times are they going to pull this dog and pony show of making believe that the piece was created by a non ad nerd civilian? Does the work still have merit if they just admit that their concepts were actually created in a client call instead of a teenager's basement over bong loads?

The content is still cool, and it definitely got some run around the office yesterday. I guess that's all that matters.


Not Dickless said...

Who could possibly think that was homemade? But still...someone needs to the biz that the real buzzword these days isn't viral, it's transparancy.

R. Falch said...

it was created on a client call over bong loads.

brewce really hates droga5.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

You gotta perfect the left handed layup before you can start driving left.

Casey Brewer said...

My only question is why the charade? Isn't the work strong enough to exist on its own rather than be thinly veiled as amateur video?

The execution is really cool. That said, I have a feeling this will be a blip on the radar just like their last 4 or 5 viral stunts. At least this one won't alienate their target within hours of it appearing on Youtube.

I know they're the agency every ad nerd jock rides right now, but not everything they do passes the sniff test. Not for me at least.