Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Local News...

As far as litigious strip club owners go, this guy actually looks somewhat respectable. I mean, I wouldn't let him babysit my nephews or anything, but he only shows a twinkle of Hep C in his eyes. The hair dye and pony tail thing are pretty creepy, but I bet he drives a nice car.

That's King of Diamonds owner Larry Kladek and he's in big trouble. Apparently the dude rigged an ATM machine at his club to funnel money to secret accounts. He then used the money to build a 6 million dollar home. Oops!

"He's kind of a hard guy."

The IRS is now all over his ass, and many of his former employees are scared to talk. Larry has a bit of reputation as a real ball-buster.

As far as litigious strip club owners go, Larry is not the kind you have over for Thanksgiving dinner. Or a game of bocce ball and cold beers. He's the type of litigious strip club owner that will cut your pinky off if you're late on a drink tab. The kind that will make you bite the urinal porcelain until you relent that you only tipped Sahara 2 dollars for a lap dance.

"I could talk for an hour and a half about him, and not much of it would be good, so I really don't want to."


Brett Essman said...

Hey, that's my uncle!

Casey Brewer said...

Get us some free lap dances!!!

Brett Essman said...

He'll still charge a left pinky.