Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Seedy Underbelly of Sesame Street

Diabolical Bert & Ernie were big hits on Halloween. We put the "scare" in stalker, and the "eek" in creepy. We even won an award at the Triple Rock for best costume duo. Then we sat through the worst Spinal Tap cover band I have ever witnessed in my life. That said, it was well worth it because I'm sure we gave our fair share of nightmares to the unsuspecting ladies of Hallow's Eve.

I think Jake's costume really made the night. Then again, he barely had to dress up.

Welcome to the poor side of Sesame Street. Pack your pepper spray.


R. Falch said...

How many Spinal Tap cover bands have you seen?!

Real, real nice work on the costumes boys.

Casey Brewer said...

Thanks buddy.

I think I've seen 3. These guys were a terrible band in general. The guitarist checked his sound by "trying" to play Van Halen's Eruption. After fucking up mid way through and starting over again like 6 times, he finally looked up and said "sounds good". It didn't.

Nobody should try and play Eruption, unless their name is Eddie and they're a 21 year old hesher.

BlogFoot said...

That beard shows a disturbing lack of commitment to truly inhabiting your character.

Casey Brewer said...

Diabolical Bert and Ernie have facial hair Rob, get with the program.

Bristar said...

I cannot begin to articulate the level of joy these images bring to my life.

thanks boys.