Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Business and the Melvins. Metal Mayhem!

Jake and I met little loud and his big buddy Nick at the Triple Rock for a little face melting metal mayhem on Saturday night. Gay Witch Abortion opened, followed by the sonic blitzkrieg of Big Business. Buzzo and the Melvins boys joined for a short shot encore. The crowd was a little young and obnoxious, but that's to be expected. The one guy that would yell AAAAWWWWWSSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!! between every song break was pretty funny. As was the big nerd who repeatedly tried to start a pit, only to get his nerd glasses smacked off his face. "Where's my glasses?" he cried.

I'll have to admit I was a bit off my game. Jake and I had just visited Bullwinkle's for some hot dogs before the show, and I had never been so uncomfortably full in my life. I couldn't even finish off my Tecate. Read our Bullwinkles recap over at Buddies and Hot Dogs.

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