Monday, December 8, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I pulled myself out of my deep hole of depression, peeled the sweatpants off that I had been wearing for 3 days straight, and jumped in the rig to head to Mt. Holly. Home of the Mayor Mike Haeg and the first lady. The plan? I was to help the guys build their dICEHOUSES and drink Panther malt liquor all day.

Ol' Nussy was there all bright eyed and 4 Panther's deep when I arrived, and a freshly completed dICEHOUSE sat in the driveway like an obelisk Sputnik from the planet Snake Eyes. There in the garage was the Mayor himself, feeding the widow maker table saw with one hand and wielding an ice cold Hamms in the other. This day was going to be rad.

I helped swing a hammer or two, and measured stuff, but mainly I was there to drink and listen to the face melting awesomeness of KQRS' A-to-Z set. That's right. They're playing their entire catalog of music from A-to-Z until the new year. I was present for the H's. This little ditty by April Wine comes courtesy of the Mayor. Enjoy.


BlogFoot said...

I realize I'm dating myself, but I saw these guys do that fine song live at "The Word Series of Rock" at Milwaukee County Stadium way back in the halcyon days of 1981. Also on the bill - Quarterflash and headliner REO Speedwagon, hot on the heels of their their AOR smash "Hi Infidelity." First time I smoked weed.

Casey Brewer said...

Blogfoot, you are a man amongst men.