Thursday, January 22, 2009

100 bands in 100 days.

Tomorrow, a friend of a friend begins an odyssey of musical attrition, as he will attempt to see 100 bands in 100 days in New York City. Well, not exactly 100 days, but pretty damn close (January 23rd to May 2). He'll be posting about his experiences, and hopefully the music, on his wordpress blog, 100 bands 100 days. It probably won't be as lurid as the couple who had sex every day for a year and wrote about it, but we probably won't have to read about the evils of feminine dryness, either.

Tomorrow's band is Futurecop!, in case anyone was wondering.


Not Dickless said...

That beats my annual "7 Nights to Rock" by a mile. Good luck, cuz there's gonna be a lotta shitty band nights. Hope he lives downtown or in Brooklyn - staying up on 125th, it'd be like living in Lakeville and going to 1st Ave every night.

Nick said...

hey, thanks for the link to the site. and for the head up that i almost put myself through one more unnecessary night and did 101 days.

keep watching the blog bcuz it's going to be a crazy, busy 100 days

(and yes, i live downtown manhattan, steps to the bowery ballroom and LES)