Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bundle up redux.

Something about today's seven day forecast on WCCO caught my eye. Was it the imminent arctic air that will descend upon our fair city over the weekend? No, not exactly. Was it the inscrutable "dark cloud over bright sun" icon? Nope. It seems WCCO today introduced to the world a new, and possibly game-changing symbol - the downward pointing blue arrow. I guess we're to assume that the arrow symbolizes temperature and the direction of it foretells a precipitous drop in said temperatures. At any rate, kudos to the meteorologists over there at 'CCO. Now I'm ready for tomorrow's headline that will read something like, "Minnesotan's Brace For Another Arctic Blast."


Casey Brewer said...


theryanburk said...

You should submit "Uggh" to 'CCO. Maybe they could use it as an acronym for "bitterly cold".