Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dICEHOUSES rule mega!

The dICEHOUSE art installation on Medicine Lake has been a huge success. I was out on Saturday in the bone-chilling, negative degree wind chill to visit my buddies Mr. Mike and Ol' Nussy, the originators of the project. Let's just say that the boys (and the First Lady) have done a fabulous job with the set up, and management of the dICEHOUSES. They look great, and were one of the most popular of all the art shanties.

When I arrived Mike and John were drilling holes for the world's largest cribbage board. It took 244 holes in the ice to have a good old fashioned, country mile long cribbage board. There was ice in beards, flasks and "man's man" types ripping through frozen water like they were throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

It got really cold for this beast, so I climbed into a dICEHOUSE and played Yahtzee! for 2 hours, while throwing down a few PBR's with Nussy. I rolled my first Yahtzee! of my life and managed to win one out of 3 of our games. I credit Mike's daughter Autumn with the hot hand though, she helped us roll.

I urge all of the beasts to visit Medicine Lake and check out the art shanties. Dress like you're going to the planet Hoth. I couldn't seem to find a Ton Ton to gut while I was there.

Read more about the project here.


theryanburk said...

Is that mini dICEHOUSE for dogs or children? What sort of games can visitors expect?

Casey Brewer said...

Yeah, it's a dog house/kid house version. Mike's daughter Autumn helped with the construction. It's also a great place to stow the beer.

I think they have every game imaginable. Seriously.