Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Viral Campaign That Worked!

Stefan the Swopper from Stefan Byte on Vimeo.

So there's this Swedish chap named Stefan Kits. Stefan fancied a significant change in his life. He wanted to get rid of all his possessions. But how?

He had the idea of swapping EVERYTHING he had for other people's junk. And he hoped to do it in one month.

In reality, Stefan was part of the Posten Viral/Social Campaign (Swedish Post Office) designed to increase awareness and knowledge of the Swedish Postal Services to a younger audience. The goal was to swap 1750 items, send them all through the Swedish Post Office in one month.

However, they were all his own possessions. They were swapped and the campaign was only sponsored by Posten.

There was one catch to this campaign, not a penny would be spent on media, so strategy and execution had to be top notch to get the desired impact. It was a huge success, with over 4 million people visiting the website (Sweden's population: 9 million)

Found via Digital Buzz Blog


Casey Brewer said...

I'm going to start "swopping" stuff.

R. Falch said...

i swopped a little bit this morning.