Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meat: How to best navigate the digital meat culture.

It seems everywhere you look these days there's a new blog popping up dedicated to shoveling troughs full of meat into your colon. I like to think sites like this one and Buddies and Hotdogs were ahead of the curve, but who knows really. Nobody can lay claim to meat. So in an effort to provide the people with what they want, I've compiled a list of some Grade A meat sites.

++ Hats Made of Meat - If you're tired of sticking meat in your face, why not put some on your head?

++ Meat Font - A typeface hand shaped from raw ground beef. Delicious.

++ Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality - See a side by side comparison between advertising food photography and the wax paper wrapped diaper you get in real life.

++ Scanwiches - What does half of your sandwich look like when scanned? Ethereal, almost ghostly shots of sandwiches before you consume them.

++ Meatpaper - A print magazine of art and ideas about meat.

++ Arthur Bryants BBQ - This, in my humble opinion, is the best BBQ in the world.

++ This is Why You're Fat - Perhaps the fastest rising website about gross shit on the interwebz today.

++ Bacon Today - About a month ago I said that bacon had officially jumped the shark. I was publicly skewered on Facebook for said heresy. This site is about bacon.

++ Art about meat - Dubbed "art show too raw for public". Zing!

++ The Meat Bracket - Jocks love meat too. So do gamblers and bookies.

As always, we here at Superbeast try to set trends and not follow them. We however cannot stop the meat train from complete and total domination. When Moms in Maple Grove start talking about making sweaters out of bacon, then you know the shit has reached the popular mass. In a closing note, I'll leave you with The Bacon Song, a little jingle I penned about 12 years ago. And it goes a little something like this...

Breakfast just ain't breakfast without bacon.
Eggs Benedict ain't shit if the ham's from Canada.
I appreciate the eggs and toast...
And hashbrowns from coast to coast..
But what I like the most..
Is some pork on my fork.

Breakfast just ain't breakfast without bacon.
It's a great source of thiamin
Got my belly weeping like a violin
Pretty much the perfect food...
One of the four food groups...

If you have any interesting meat sites that you would like to share, please post the link in the comments section and I'll update the blog.


frank adam said...
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frank adam said...

The very fact that there is a digital meat culture makes me happy to be alive. Now I'm going to go polish off a Polish, drink a bottle of cheap red wine, poop,shave my inner thighs and get some digital sex culture. You might know it better as internet porn. 2009 Baby!

Casey Brewer said...

I like your style Frank.