Monday, March 30, 2009

How Much Art Can You Take?

That's the rad new Black Mountain poster I bought at the Aesthetic Apparatus 10 year Anniversary.

How much art can you take? I'm not talking about the tattoo emblazoned on Paddy's gut. I'm talking about a gang of buddies taking art by the balls on Saturday night. A whirlwind tour. A journey if you will. Through the minds and screen prints of three super powers of the local poster art scene. Aesthetic Apparatus, Squad 19 and Burlesque.

Good buddy Kent letting the internet know that he does indeed get boners. I seem pretty excited about this revelation and decided to get a good look for myself.

Unicorns are the new Dolphins shooting lasers. This particular mystical creature resides in the bowels of Burlesque of North America's Northeast studio.

Killin' 'em softly with Kellar. Just a couple of crabs.

The cool poster from Squad 19 made for the Dirty Hands art show that features Give Up, Deuce 7, Rudy Fig, Erin Sayer, Chris Krapohl, Danny Sigelman, Nate Vincent, and good buddy Steve Tenebrini. This was a great show that paid dues to poster art and graffiti, as well as featuring some face meting jams from Gay Witch Abortion and the Self Sound Orchestra. Learn more about the show here.

Oh Nussy, you're never alone when you're rolling strong with a few buddies. If nothing else, you'll always have the Internet. Queue hit single Internet.

Missing from the images I stole from Kellar are Al and Maddie, the internet celebrities responsible for Kittens Inspired By Kittens.

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