Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Guys Have It All.

Sweat pants? Check. Tucked in matching t-shirt? Check. Double tied ponytail? Check. A run for the ages on the pinball machine? Check.

Maybe it was the Yngwie Malmsteen. Maybe it was the primordial call of the Buck Hunter. Maybe it was the Petey's Cajun Prime Rib breakfast drenched in cheese and hollandaise sauce. Whatever it was, this dude made my Saturday.

Major props to Mancaster's sneaky shutterbugging. This guy could have destroyed us all with one whip of that soggy man tail. I would be willing to bet that this urban savage would give Jake Stone a run for his money in the "Locks of Love" charity.

Seriously, this Lothario of long luxurious hair is a fine candidate to take a visit to our man Blogfoot's new Floyd's Barbershop.


Anonymous said...

The key in this outfit is that when multi-ball hits so does the boner...

Anonymous said...

casey, you should offer to art direct his next hair cut.

are small euro-trash pony tails back in? dude, it's been almost like twenty fucking years. don't you think the justin timberlake look is about played out?


-the uncs

Anonymous said...

If he is single give him my phone number. Hotness.