Monday, June 15, 2009

Burning Bridges with Beer: The photos.

Here's a little taste of some photos from the party. I had a blast. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

A packed house. the yard looked like the State Fair grounds the next day.

Bacon wrapped venison sausages. I actually forgot to make these, so I cooked them in the oven after a monumental air guitar jam at 4 in the morning. I think I put cheese and my mom's special white chili on mine. The next morning was not pleasant.

Not many folks can manage a butt crack like Mancaster.

Nussy manning the wieners. I was impressed with how well he knows his way around an all-beef frank. It's the supple art director wrists.

Me and Double-D. Best buds for life brah!

Jake and Nussy getting weird around the grill.

My favorite photo of the evening. Those ribs were the bomb. I made a habanero basting sauce with a salt, pepper and garlic rub. It's all about the rub ladies. Boing!

Special thanks to Kent for being the party paparazzi.

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frank adam said...

I'm moving to where this is going on. Who needs ladies when you have bacon wrapped meat!