Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dirty Rotten Punks!

Can you believe these violent miscreants once roamed the streets of Minneapolis? Like diseased dogs, they ravaged our flesh and soul to its very core. And their music? A terrorist attack on our soft, supple, sun deprived ear drums. A hijack on our very moral fiber. A bowel jostling tremor sent by forces of pure and unbridled chaos.

If we let these sound scoundrels infest our homes? Well...we're doomed.

Thank all that is holy that we made it out alive of that brick prison of rage!

P.S. I wonder if Pat Miles got down back then? Also, the McDonald's Monopoly game was far more dangerous than the Minneapolis punk scene as far as my old dusty brain matter can recall.

Thanks to The Mayor and Justin for this find.


MayorMike said...

Check out some of David Roth's old comics here:

He was one of my major influences growing up.

Damn him.

Casey Brewer said...

Nice. Thanks for the hot tip, shooter.

Anonymous said...

Holy adjectives!