Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is Stunt Rock...

It's like all of my hopes and dreams suddenly came true under the guise of this clever theatrical trailer. Wizards. Stunts. Rock.

Got it all and then some.

A roll of celluloid that encompasses everything that Superbeast stands for in one single handy dandy hair-trigger of a Youtube clip.

I don't know what could possibly be missing. Black light posters? Child actors whacked on ludes?

From now on if any curious chap asks me to describe the wonders of Superbeast nation, I'll calmly direct them to Stunt Rock, with nary an adjective in passing.

I mean c'mon. Car crashes, explosions, awesome zip lines, swashbuckling dudes chopping up watermelons like sponge cake, cop 'staches, cop shades, sand skiing, mind-boggling action AND music??!!??!!

How can you possibly prepare to see a movie of this monumental bad-assitude?

A. Punch yourself in the head with a fistful of angel dust, while shooting snifters of cat piss and horse tranq off the teets of a pregnant pool hall whore.

B. Take a head first dive off the deep end of a tub filled with tar heroin and crushed cans of Oly wearing nothing but bare butt and afterbirth, whilst playing air guitar to "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love."

C. Spend an afternoon with Phil Spector.

Right when the narration reads "danger zone" I think I got a little hard. That's totally normal.

"Superhuman. Super music, Super magic. And Super Amazing." Oh. My. God.

Dearest Anthony, I owe you my first born for this.

"Starring king of the Australian stunt men Grant Page, featuring the band Sorcery and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith."


To view Stunt Rock in all its glory, visit the widescreen version on Youtube.


Casey Brewer said...

Boner inducing.

janie mo said...

My mind imploded, my heart exploded, and my vag spontaneously combusted all at the same time!!!! Thank you Stunt Rock!!!!