Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Groupie Beast.

Groupies are pretty interesting.

Take Josette for example. This is one classy lady who knows how to get down. He pelvic region is like one of those giant magnets that pick up trash at the dump.

This photo album is comprised solely of her looking gacked out of her mind standing next to rock stars of various importance. It is amazing.

Her daughter (seen here with none other than Vanilla Ice) "Nico" gets in the act as well. You have to wonder how many of these old dusty nut rockers that poor girl has had to call "Daddy."

"Get mama her Marb Lights, sugar shorts."

The quiet member of Zep snaps a keepsake with Josette. She is the quintessential vision of the classic beauty. After it was drawn, quartered and pickled in gin and tonics for some 40 odd years.

Carmine Appice. One of the greatest drummers in rock and roll history rested his toupee upon Josette's breast on more than one occasion. That I can assure you.

'Nuff said. Bill rules.

Enjoy more of these timeless moments in backstage debauchery here.


Casey Brewer said...

I wish Edgar Winter was my uncle.

Jimmy K said...

This beast poses with everyone, whether they want to or not. I've seen her offer herself up to the performers after the show, and be turned down. More than once. So, don't be too quick to assume that everyone she managed to corner into a picture has any interest in her. (I work road crew for bands)

Casey Brewer said...

Thanks for the update Jimmy K. Would you care to share any of your beastly stories with our readers?

Josette said...

Thanks for the lovely comments - My life is always an open book for those of you who do nothing but read....

Srisqxo said...

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