Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Christ like Cruisin'.

Hands up if you're crazy about god...hands up if you're crazy about god...

Why do weird religious dorks always try to adopt something from pop-culture to disguise their message? A better question. Why are they always so ridiculously bad at it? You would think these bible thumpers would be so full of soul that they would blow our minds with some serious street conscious verses that would have the masses droppin' it low for Jebus. Nope.

This is B-Shoc. He's an MC on a mission from God to spread the gospel to kids that wear baggy pants. He sounds like he's one oyster short of a Po' Boy in his interview, but he's got a bedazzled hat with a cross on it. That shit is cool right? Nope.


janna said...

You have to have a sweet hat when you're "Christ like cruisin'" Casey!

Casey Brewer said...

I love how he gets out of bed, and the stupid bedazzled gear just appears. Jesus works in magnificent ways.