Monday, September 26, 2011

"Bermuda, Bahama..."

When you're a man of leisure, you follow a strict dress code. XXXL Tommy Bahama shirts and khaki trousers/shorts. Ultimate Party Dudes have a reputation to uphold. That have girth to disguise. They have sun-blistered cancerous moles to shield.

Well, I ran into a few of these Relaxation Masters at Hattie's Hat in Ballard on Saturday night. One guy with a ridiculous shirt would get up and leave, and another Silver Fox would fill the empty seat. There's obviously a brotherhood amongst these floral shirt aficionados. I jumped in for the proof.

Thanks to pal Schrein-Time and his lovely wife Allison for the great photos.


janie mo said...

you're out of control, dude! look at your face! pizazz!!!!

Casey Brewer said...

That's what happens when I see XXXL Tommy B gear.

frank adam said...

Purple madras? So you're a fucking Ukrainian now?