Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Costume Reference.

This Halloween I'm dressing up as "The Ultimate Vacation Dude." Here's some photo reference to visually describe my concept.

This is Scott. He sent me this exact shirt. I'll be wearing it for Halloween.

Notice the drink/glass of wine in hand. A pertinent prop for any Ultimate Vacation Dude.

Wait, is that shirt satin? Nice fucking touch, Ralph.

Ah, the king of all Ultimate Vacation Dudes, Nick Nolte.

It's good to have an Ultimate Vacation Dude nickname. This guy calls himself "Big Ed." I'm going by Rick Radical. Or "Rick Rad" for short.

The peaceful easy feelin'. A must for any Ultimate Vacation Dude.

It helps to have a sun kissed blonde on your arm. Always. Kudos Ultimate Vacation Dude.

So I'm scheduling the spray tan appointment, dying my hair and beard to full-blown silver fox style, and memorizing the lyrics to the entire Little Feat catalogue. Cheers!

1 comment:

r t said...

I'm raising my tiki mug to the fucking winner of the costume contest.