Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kenneth Anger for Missoni.

Whoa, this is sort of awesome. Underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger has teamed up with Italian fashion house, Missoni.

The end result is a dark, dark trip. I like it.

Anger is the guy responsible for such weirdo cult classics as Lucifer Rising and Rabbit's Moon. He's dabbled in themes of occultism with a brazen obsession with Aleister Crowley, while tapping into popular culture figures like Jimmy Page to help provide the musical landscape for his films.

The pairing with Missoni is an odd one, but the results are seemingly pretty interesting. Kudos to the company for embracing Anger's experimental imagery and surrealism. It definitely blurs the lines between advertising and art.

Here's a quote from Angela Missoni in Vogue Italia:

“I’m fascinated by Kenneth Anger’s use of color and his ability to transform a film into a three-dimensional texture, a fabric of images in movement,” explained Angela Missoni. This is how she introduced her decision to entrust the Missoni F/W 2011 campaign to one of America’s most famous authors and directors of avant-garde cinema.”

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