Monday, May 7, 2012


Superuser - Digi goober, #beepborp, media snacker, dick toucher, strategist, visionary entrepreneur, optimizer, SEO dingus, twitter expert, brand evangelist, contagious ideas, conversation bonfire starter, toilet paper sniffer, analytics professional, micro-penis enthusiast, pixel artist, team player, white board scribe, target audience prophet, golfer, razor scooter owner, intuitive diddle fiddler, ninja, cross-platform corporate escape artist, marketing architect, diabolical bowel movement maker, transmedia producer, leveraging shit, start-up starter, mobile marketplace investor, phony, culture builder, Petty super fan, innovation consultant, conversation curator, status updater, nightstalker, evangelical Christian, digital story teller, t-shirt company owner, scalable services provider, Yoga pants wearer, idea farmer, guru, PR writer, pathological liar, data wrangler, Audi driver.

* These are all job descriptions I pulled from people that follow me on Twitter. 


keith said...

I thought this was a picture of Rasmussen. I was sad to discover it wasn't.

Casey Brewer said...

Similar type of dingus.