Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wilderness Film Expedition 2011.

I'm a huge fan of cartoonist/artist Jason T Miles. His work comforts and confuses me. He's also a great grinding flywheel in an industrious community of otherworldly artists. One of these folks is the aptly named Sean Savage.

From Sean via Jason:

"yeah man, this was an 8-day backpacking trip into the remote Colorado unknown. we'd hike and shoot film during the day, and at night, under the new moon, we hand-processed the film in collapsible buckets, rinse it in the stream overnight, and line-dry it the next day. thing is, we were shooting negative film, so then we'd have to contact-print a positive on a homemade portable printer and then develop that (the rolling framelines are when the print stock slipped away from the negative). still waiting for our guide to send me the last 100' we shot that we didn't have time to print (and the Bolex pinhole lens I made). he's kind of a mad genius who makes his own emulsions too, but we used store-bought film."

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Casey Brewer said...

So cool and eery. Post-apocalyptic.