Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leigh Stephens. All-World Shredder.

Leigh Stephens started his earth crushing career noodling with San Francisco heavy hitters, Blue Cheer.  The band is often dubbed as the original heavy metal outfit, and Stephens was highly regarded as one of the sonic architects for the genre. World renowned dipshit Jim Morrison called them "the single most powerful band I have ever seen." Spacey Morrison pontifications aside, Blue Cheer and Stephens are quintessential superbeast material. Rumor has it that BC used to record out on the piers because they were too loud and they liked the acoustics of their bowel trembling riffage as it washed over the bay. The dudes were named after Owsley Stanley LCD, after all.

Stephens went on to record a brilliant solo album called Red Weather, and also released one album with  Silver Metre. One heavy duty dude, indeed.

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