Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Batch Vinyl Club.

I took part in my first meeting of the Small Batch Vinyl Club on Saturday. A good crew of dudes and their significant others filled out a patio. Lot's of laughs were had and some fine bourbons were quaffed. In the words of my good buddy Matt Bottkol...

The Small Batch Vinyl Club is a glorious confluence of albums, bourbon and bros. We meet roughly once a month to appreciate all these things in their finest forms: bourbon from small batches, albums on vinyl and people in-person. Every meeting features one record, to be played in its entirety, and one bourbon (which will most likely be drank in its entirely along with a lot of other stuff.) The point is to slow things down for a change. Sit, sip, listen and enjoy.

Here's my playlist from the evening:

Bobby "Blue" Bland "Two Steps from the Blues." - Entire album.

Little Willie John "Grits and Soul" - Entire album.

Chris Montez "Time After Time" - Entire album.

Small Faces "There Are but Four Small Faces." - Entire album.

Terry Reid "Superlung" - Entire album.

Little Milton "Little Milton Sings Big Blues." - Entire album.

Stay updated on all Small Batch Vinyl Club activity here.

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