Monday, May 27, 2013

The Gray Whale.

A couple pals and I made a moto stop at the Point Reyes Light House on Sunday after a full day of exploring HWY 1 in the sunshine. The Light House was insanely busy for the holiday weekend, but that didn't stop the bounty of wildlife that included harbor seal, pelicans, California Condors, mule deer, gophers and more. One lone Gray Whale made an appearance for about 30 minutes, breeching about 100 yards off the coast, easily visible from the Light House perch. So fucking cool. It was a massive beast, easily 40-feet long. 

I've never seen a whale in my life despite living in Seattle and California for the past 4+ years. Scientists suggest there might only be about 17,000-21,000 Gray Whales on earth. I saw one of them. 

The scene of the sighting.

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