Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Stop.

Just in case you thought the last post a little crass, here is one of my all-time favorite Jackson cuts. I've been playing this vinyl at house parties for 15 years, and it never ceases to get the ladies out on the dance floor. The dude was a weird, eccentric agoraphobe who might have cuddled with underage boys, but that doesn't mean he couldn't burn up the berber carpet.

While you may not respect the artist, you can always respect the art.

As the gory details of Michael Jackson's life will all but consume the cable news networks for weeks and maybe months to come, don't forget this song. It's too good to forget.


frank adam said...
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frank adam said...

Great post! I agree with you about this tune. It's a sirens song for young ladies. He was a wonder, a weird wonder. What the hell are we going to do when Boz Skaggs kicks the bucket? Lowdown is another one of those house party "why am I dancing?" tunes

Casey Brewer said...

I love "Lowdown!" I named a business after it.