Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dogs. Art. Mmmm.

Here at Superbeast, we love the dogs. All sorts of dogs. Hot dogs, brats, weiners, sausage, actual four-legged dogs. And since we're all buddies here, I think we can all agree that art's pretty sweet too.

So allow me to introduce Hank Krall, a Philly-based artist who's contributing words and drawings about one regional dog a week to Serious Eats. Basically, he's illustrating everything that's delicious about the good ol' US of A. Check it:

Definitely worth checking out on Fridays. Think of it as inspiration for your weekend.


frank adam said...

These are fucking awesome! Thanks Minx! I want to eat some art...with yellow mustard and chopped onions...and sweet relish.

Casey Brewer said...

I want the entire collection!

Anonymous said...

How can the Windmill chain's (Jersey Shore) hot dog offerings be left out of the collection.